Archery Score Free

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The premier FREE target archery scoring app!

With this Archery Score you can keep an eye on your score during your shoot…..arrow by arrow.
A selection faces available including:

-FITA Field

Features Include:

– Added the ability for Compound or Recurve shoot types. For compound the inner gold ring will be scored as 10 only. For recurve the inner will be scored as ‘X’.
– x2 Target Zoom for more accurate arrow placement.
– View ALL arrow positions when a shoot is complete.
– You can now store up to 20 shoots.
– Email your finished score card
– Record scores for up to 10 shoots
– Increased maximum number of ends

With this app you can now:

– Record all your shoot information in one place and track your performance with the summarised shoot data on the shoot list.

– Create custom shoots with varying number of ends, arrows, distance and face size.

– Score and position each arrow during your shoot, and monitor your score while you are shooting.

– Review any end and arrow including position of arrows during your shoot, with fully editable arrows during the shoot.

– Keep a track of your arrow scores while you are shooting with the colour coded scorecard.

– Easily highlight individual arrows to review shoot performance.

– Keep a history of shoots, with the ability to view and review graphically all ends and arrows shot.

– With Archery Score Free now keep a history of up to 20 shoots.

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