Archery Score Pro – Manage Shoots – Instructions

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Some people have commented on using the Manage Shoots feature.

The following instructions should make it clearer……

1. To create a new Shoot Type

Press Manage on the bottom of the screen

Manage shoots


This show a list of existing Shoot Types available sorted according to Imperial or Metric and further sorted by either indoor or outdoor.

The search criteria can be selected by using the selector buttons at the top.

To create a new custom shoot press the create new button at the top right of the status bar ‘+’

The New Custom Shoot page will appear.

Enter a name for your custom shoot.

Select the shoot type, either Imperial or Metric, Indoor or Outdoor.

Use the sliders to select the maximum number of ends and the number of arrows per each end.

To change the Face Type press the ‘Change’ button in the Face option, select the Face Type from the selector and press ‘Done’.

You now have the option to have the size of the face change during your custom shoot(up to 2  changes) and have the distance change during your shoot (up to 4 changes).

To set the start face size for the shoot press the ‘Change’  button under ‘Start Face Size’. Select the start face size from the picker and press ‘Done’

To add a face size change use the Face Size Changes slider to select 2 changes. A second ‘Change’ button will appear, use this to set the size of the second face. Next to this is a ‘-‘ and ‘+’ button used to select the end number where the face size is changed


Setting the Distance Changes for the Custom Shoot.

Use the ‘Distance Changes’ slider set number of changes, this can be from 1 to 4.

The corresponding number of End Number and distance selector rows will appear under the slider.This can be seen clearer if you scroll the screen up.

The end number for the first change will always be 1. Sett the distance for the first end using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ button.

For subsequent changes you will first need to set the end number for the change, do this using the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons in end number row. The distance change at that end number is set using the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons next to the corresponding end number.


Once all the parameters have been set press the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the status bar.

You will be returned to the Manage Shoots page. When you select the appropriate shoot criteria (in this case Metric and Indoor) you will see the Custom Shoot you created in the list.

To start a new shoot using the custom shoot we have just created. Press ‘Shoot List’ on the bottom tab bar and press the ‘New Shoot’ button on the top status bar. Selecting the appropriate criteria (in this case Metric and Indoor) you will see the Custom Shoot you created in the list.

Select the shoot created, select your bow type ‘Recurve’ or ‘Compound’ and press the ‘Start’ button to start using the shoot during your event.



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Archery Score Pro – Now Available on App Store

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The latest addition with a host of new features is now available on the App Store.


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Archery Score Free Instructions

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Free Version Instructions

1.Create a new shoot

To create a new shoot touch the ‘New Shoot‘ button on the top bar. This will take you to the new shoot creation screen.

Enter a name for the shoot. This can be anything you want.

Set the number of ends for the shoot.

Set the number of arrows for each end.

Touch ‘Change’ to alter the shoot distance.

Touch ‘Change’ to alter the face size.

Select indoor or outdoor shoot type.

Touch ‘Start Shoot’ when you are ready.


 Drag the green arrow to the correct position on the target face.

The ‘Zoom View’ shows a close up of where the arrow is positioned.

When the correct position is reached touch the ‘OK’ button to confirm.

The score table records each arrow shot.

Repeat the same process  for all the arrows for the end.

3.Start Next End

Move over the target to see a zoom view of the arrows at any time.

The score summary give you the total score of the shoot so far, number of 10s and number of X’s scored.

Touch ‘Next End’ to move on to the next end.

4.Edit an arrow position.

It is possible to change the arrow position of any arrow while you are shooting.

Select the arrow you want to change by selecting the arrow from the scorecard (the score will turn blue).

The selected arrow will be shown spinning on the target face.

Once selected touch ‘Edit’ then drag the spinning arrow to the new position and confirm by touching ‘OK’

Continue shooting by touching the end of the current score row on the scorecard.

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